My Big Chop 20.01.18


Hello All,

I know some of you may be shocked by the change content I have been feeling a type of way about my natural hair and thought about sharing my roller coaster journey. Not long ago I was feeling very insecure about my hair and was ashamed to wear it out. I even booked an appointment to have my hair relaxed and was only hours away from attending.

Back in school I was known as the black girl with long hair. I loved my hair so much back then. My hair was me. I was my hair. I styled it so often I didn’t know how much damage I was causing. I cut fringes myself, straightened it, curled it, twist outs, braid outs. I rarely wore box braids and the only time I had a sew in was for prom and I took it out that same night Lol after that I never had a sew in again. I first Relaxed my hair nearing the end of year 6 so I was about 11. My hair was too thick and long to manage so my Mum got fed up and decided to relax it. My hair was around bra strap length when it was first relaxed. I remember going to school with my new silky smooth hair being the centre of attention.

After a long journey of trials and tribulations I decided to take my hair care journey to another level and actually start taking care of it. At this point my hair wasn’t in a bad state I just wanted to start fresh.

In my next post ill give you more of an insight on my Relaxed Hair Journey

Stay tuned 🙂

In the meantime have a look at the video I posted a day after I did my big chop!



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