My Relaxed Journey, Why I Big Chopped


Welcome back !

So, if you read my last post you would know that I had my first relaxer when I was 11. My hair was just too long and too thick to manage. I know this is almost every black girls excuse but its true! I was tender headed and hated getting my hair done. Box braids took around 4-6 hours, hot combs left me with blisters on my scalp and ears, I got an aching back, sore legs and crooked neck from sitting on the floor getting braids done, it was just too much!

“Who remembers pretending to scratch their head just to see how many braids they had left !”


I don’t remember much about when i first got my hair relaxed apart from it being about bra strap length. I didn’t really do much with it apart from put it back in a ponytail. It wasn’t until I started school where all the hairstyles came into play, just have a look for yourself lol

I didn’t know about heat damage, receding edges, over styling, over manipulation etc so I did whatever I could with it at the time. It wasn’t until about 2014 that I started taking care of my hair. I was taking Hairfinity capsules which I had a really bad reaction to so I stopped within the first week of taking them. YouTube wasn’t as big back then as it is now but I quickly got attached after watching Jennie Jenkins clothe hauls. Soon after I discovered ULoveMegz and HealthyAfroHair those 2 were my #HairGoals. Both had mid back length, healthy relaxed hair that I was so desperate to have. I didn’t document my journey as much as I should have but I’d take a picture here and there.

As you can see from the beginning I was in serious need of a cut, not a trim a cut and treatment. I was so afraid back then to cut my hair because I was so hooked on wanting length more than health. I bought so many hair products and tried to had to stick to a consistent routine which was always a fail.

img_1648This is when I put my pride aside and cut all all that was damaged and as you can see it was pretty short. Even though the length was gone the health was there. I stuck to washing my hair every week. Wrapping it every night. Deep conditioning with heat. Moisture and protein treatments you name it.

I finally started to maintain length but there was a problem. A problem I just couldn’t seem to fix. In these pictures you can see that I had this annoying gap in the middle section in my hair. This was caused by my most famous hairstyle the top bun! That hairstyle was my go to and I wasn’t willing to let it go so I basically played it off and whenever I got a trim I’d get it to a level where the gap wasn’t as noticeable.

My edges were never a problem but this is where I started to give up on my journey. They were constantly breaking and my hairstyles were limited. I didn’t like wearing weaves/wigs so my hair was constantly out. Bits of the front would break off, grow back and then break off again so I got bored. My hair was in a pretty good state by this time and it was at its longest length so I was proud of how far I came especially because my goal was bra strap length and I was about an inch and a half away. It was just the small set backs that put me off so I finally decided to big chop.

This video was the very last relaxer I had which was November 17. My hair was in its longest and healthiest state but I was screaming for a change. I had been thinking about going natural for about a year and it was finally time to follow through.

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