Relaxed my hair after 1 year and 6 months. Instantly regretted it!

Hi all so as of Saturday 5th July I was 1 year and 6 months natural until I relaxed it on the 6th.

So for a while I had been wanting to relax my hair for many reasons. I’m going to be very honest about my decision and why I do regret it a bit til this day.

If you didn’t know already I first relaxed my hair when I was 11 so I haven’t seen my natural hair for about 10 years. I was comfortable with my relaxed hair because that’s all I had known and I was able to look after it to an extent. I knew the reason my hair was relaxed because it was too thick to manage.

After months of contemplating I finally shaved my hair all off (see previous post) and decided to grow my natural hair out. Fast forward to recently. I tried so hard to embrace my natural hair and there were days where I really loved it and felt good about myself but there were some days where I didn’t feel good at all. I only really enjoyed my hair when i did a twist out and had it up in a puff and sometimes when I had it in twists.

Honestly guys I struggled when it came to self confidence. I didn’t feel as attractive unless my hair was in a curly puff and that style alone causes so much tension on my edges and I didn’t want to end up loosing them lol. There was a difference in the attention I was getting and I know that sounds silly but when I went out to clubs with friends natural girls aren’t really popular unless wearing a lace wig lol and I know a lot of you can agree on that one.

At this stage my hair was at a decent length and I took care of it so it was nowhere near as hard to manage as I remember. My hair was soft and it didn’t tangle much. I just didn’t know what to do with it in terms of other styles because I felt not many of them suited me. My hair also shrunk a lot and I did try a wash and go but I dried up so much it just looked like I washed it and left it.

Another reason I relaxed my hair is because I went through products like there was no tomorrow. Natural hair products are not cheap! and you need to use a lot when you have such thick type 4 hair like mine.

I’m disappointed in myself because looking back at pictures my hair was healthy and I did look beautiful, I wish I did a Silk Press and then made a decision from there but what’s done is done and hair grows. I do want to just grow it out again but then I thought maybe I could start a new Hair Journey by trying to grow healthy bra strap length Relaxed Hair. At this point who knows Lol I will keep you all updated. Wish me luck !

Let me know if any of you have relaxed your hair and regretted it, I could use some advice please comment below your thoughts i’d really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading

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