Enough Is Enough !


There comes a time in life where you’re fed up of going around in circles, taking 10 steps forward and 10 steps back, giving and not receiving. We focus so much on what things would look like to other people rather than doing things we want to do for our own gain.

For many years I was this very person and to a certain extent still am. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give and care for others but it becomes a problem when things aren’t being reciprocated. I used to spend a lot of time holding onto friendships, relationships and things that were draining me physically and mentally. Then wonder why I’m back at square one.

This year has shown me how much I need to value myself more. I used to turn my nose up at people who told me to love and look after myself. I took self care for granted and felt uncomfortable whenever someone complimented me. I was desperate for someone to notice me when I didn’t even notice myself.

To Be Continued…….

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