Ever feel trapped? Ever been in a draining situation you could have avoided had you kept your mouth shut? Ever been stuck in a relationship you felt you couldn’t leave because you loved him?

The point I’m trying to make is that social media is the cause of a lot of depression nowadays. After watching a brief clip of Jesy Nelsons documentary on how much social media impacted her life I decided that it was time to put a stop to this. Have you ever opened up Instagram knowing full well you had more important things to do. You tell yourself just a few scrolls, I’m taking a little break, I just want to search one thing. All of a sudden you find your MCM, his wife, his mistress, his mum, 3 kids and another woman who is pregnant with 10 child, who knows?. I sound crazy don’t I? Lol Shhh…..

That’s a lot I know! But it happens. We spend so much time on things that don’t concern us and wonder why we’re not where we want to be/meant to be. Think about what you could have been doing instead of sitting there now heartbroken about what you’ve just found out.

Unlike jesy, I wasn’t dealing with people sending me nasty messages and making comments about my looks BUT I would sometimes over edit my pictures and post things I thought people would like. I compared myself and my life to others online and I would feed into a lot of negative stories that would affect me mentally.

Since the end of September I have cut out more than 80% of my use of social media. I deleted my personal Instagram account and will only be using Instagram for business purposes, Cut down on my use of Snapchat as well as delete a bunch of people and contacts from my phone.  I am no longer feeding into the negative things people post, comparing my looks and my lifestyle to others. I no longer have to worry about posting overly edited pictures of myself. Even though I can’t really “keep up with the joneses” and join in on conversations about the funny meme that went around last night. Cutting down on social media has lifted one of the biggest weights off my shoulders.

I know ! It’s pretty evident that I haven’t replaced social media with my blog which I am planning to do in the near future but I am at peace and I encourage every one of my readers who feel the same to do the same. Let it go.

Just try a day or two.

And then a week.

And Then 2….

Trust me you’ll feel a lot better.

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