Want to know more about Project Ricochet?



So I have been struggling for the longest to come up with a niche for my Website/Blog. I have gone from Fashion, Hair, Beauty, Skin and Travel too much right? I know. After watching many YouTube videos and attending blogging events I have decided to stick to Lifestyle with a twist.

Project Ricochet? whats that? where did it come from?

I’ve been in love with the word Ricochet for as long as I can remember and pretty much fell in love with the meaning ( a shot or hit that rebounds off a surface. )

Instead of rebound I’d like to use the word ( Bounce Back ) Project Ricochet is all about finding myself, my journey through happiness and just bouncing back from all the let downs, the hurt, stress etc…. I have been through just enough when it comes to toxic relationships and feeling lost in life financial issues and career choices. I want to use Project Ricochet to connect to young women out there who are going through things I have experienced I like to think of Project Ricochet as a journal in a way.

This blog will contain a lot about me and what I’m going though, Tips on how I overcame certain thoughts and feelings and hopefully one day  I will have enough of you reading for us to start a Let’s Talk About This series. This will include weekly discussions about certain topics or questions you all have to ask.

Thank you for joining this journey and enjoy reading.

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